Beaches at Spekes Mill Mouth                  Hartland Quay                        Blackpool Mill                        and  Blegberry                 all within a half hour walk, and quite often you will be the only one there!  

Breathtaking and beautiful cliffs, sea scapes and fauna and flora.




Buzzards, Peregrine Falcons, Kestrels, Swallows, Swifts and the wonderful Skylark.  Gulls of every description and Seals hiding in the secluded coves.










Clouds situated at Stoke is at the hub of a network of coastal and countryside lanes and Paths. Claire and Paul can advise you on a variety of walks for all occasions and abilities.



Gardens and St Nectans  

Close by we have St Nectans Church and Well, also The Fabulous Hartland Abbey and Docton Mill.

 Lots more information is available at www.hartlandpeninsula.co.uk 

Guided Nature Walks

Plantwalk is an independant Hartland Venture.  It aims to re-kindle an important association with wild plants in particular.   Clare Gurton, a local writer and Botanist offers a monthly guided walk lasting 2 hours. Alternatively you can book a workshop/training session at a mutually convenient time.

Contact Clare on  01237 441205 or Email clare.gurton@btopenworld.co.uk

Peacock Visiting Garden
Spekes Waterfall
Blegberry Beach - Copy.jpg
Blegberry Beach Geology.jpg

Blegberry Beach at          Lowtide.

Rockpools, Sand and Swimming in the Surf.

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